Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Academic Year

So we've all had our holidays. They may have been live or they may have been dead but what's certain now is that they're over and it's time to get to work.

There WILL be hot guys/girls to look at and there WILL be live programmes to watch when you get home after school but this is the time that you need to be able to say NO. This is the time your priority organisation undergoes it's toughest test.

A year is not long, our brain tells us it is to give us an excuse to waste time but a year is not long at all. You only have to look back to your younger years to realise how quickly time goes. Take this year and make the most of it. REALLY make the most of it.

When I look back to the year 2009 I remember it as the year facebook really got alot of us. Many people my age were on that site 24/7, including myself. I had facebook on my phone, I got notifications sent to my email, I was all about facebook !
When the exposure pages came out everyone was eager to log in and see what was going on ; who was being exposed. Alot of us wasted time. If that time had gone to serious measures who knows where some of us would be by now..

Time stops for no man. Work hard and give it all you've got so that you can look back and smile. Regret is a horrible thing, it's like a bad smell- it may go away but when it's there it's unbearable. You don't want to have to look back and say 'I should have tried harder'.

Whether its a new primary school or secondary school year, college, university or even a new job remember that the hard work will definitely be more rewarding than the not-so-much effort work. Enjoyment may seem miles away now but it all depends on your mindset.
Think positively and working wont be so unbearable.
Think negativley and you'll  get the 'disaster illusion' of time dragging on when really it's flying past you.

Grab your life by the shoulders and shake it. Wake up and shake it up. Change your perfume, or your bath soap. Change the playlist on your phone, change your computer background to something inspiring or re-arrange your room. Change your attitude for the better. Mix it up and keep life exciting and fresh.
Work doesn't have to be daunting. It's all in your head.
You are your own master. Don't let yourself down.

Cilla x