Monday, 6 August 2012

The fluffy lollipop breakup

  Before you read: My advice does not apply to everyone. This blog post depends on how intense your feelings were. This post is aimed at those with very strong feelings who are not coping well.

Karmin- Too Many Fish (
^ Listen to that and then read on.

He dumps you. It's gonna hurt. I can't stop it from hurting. You're going to cry till your eyes are sore. The world will feel like it's collapsing around you and no matter how many times your friends tell you 'He's an idiot' or 'you deserve better' you'll still end up wishing you were back with him. You think you still want him; you might even be crying right now.
Your insecurites might creep in, you'll almost definitely think your ugly and you'll feel like nobody understands. Thats okay because no-one does understand.

It' okay. You're not crazy. You're just going through a difficult time. You're perfectly normal! Yeah, sure you had a good time but let it ease away a bit, he's a fluffy lollipop.

I'll explain what a fluffy lollipop is:

When a child drops a lollipop, it becomes fluffy. The child will pick it up and try to eat it. The parent will then take the lollipop and throw it in the bin and this makes the child cry. The childs cry isn't just because they wanted to eat the lollipop but it's also because a child likes to have a sense of ownership and choice over their possessions. Once the lollipop has been taken away from them without their approval they feel invaded/defeated and so they cry DESPITE the fact that the lollipop has been taken away from them for their own good.
If the parent had simply explained to the child that the lollipop was dirty and could poison them then the child would have made up their own mind about it and happily thrown it away. See the difference?

It's very likely that you only want this guy back because he ended the relationship without your approval - you wern't ready for it : The boy of your dreams has suddenly been 'snatched' from your reach. In essence you feel like your fluffy lollipop has been taken away from you. Your pride is defeated and has been invaded. But I'm telling you now that the lollipop is replaceable- Bet you never knew that huh? All you need to do is chuck that ragged old sweet in the bin and take this new lollipop instead (independance and happiness). It's that simple. You only deserve the best.

So while your sucking on that sparkly new bubble-gum centre lollipop ( I see you have upgraded. Bye fluffy!) I want to bring something to your attention.
*clears throat*
Imagine I'm shouting this next bit like an army marshall through a loudspeaker:


Seriously HE dumped YOU? Is he trying to be funny? Because I'm not laughing :|
Girl, I send my imaginary hugs to your brilliant self. You're a star- remember that and nope don't look behind you - I'm talking to YOU.
To be fair I won't know your exact situation but if he's let go of you then waste no time and carry on living life. These things happen and right now your heart may feel well and truly sliced in two and you may feel sick with grief but of course you're going to feel sick if you're sucking on a fluffly lollipop- Think about it. Rubbish makes one sick.
This relationship has been dropped. Dirt will get in your nails if you try and pick it up so #leaveityeah?

However, if you do pick it up and get back together then make sure it's not because you're feeling insecure about yourself (read previous blog). Make sure your reason for getting back together is valid (true love). Also remember that he's made you feel worthless and he CAN do it again so keep your guard up and ensure that you are emotionally stable and are not just trying to fill the void.

The globe keeps spinning so keep living and smiling. There are millions upon millions of other boys to choose from. Millions.
Have a break though- too much boy can make one dumb.
Yeah, have a break, have a kit-kat.
Who needs lollipops after all?

Cilla xxx