Wednesday, 13 February 2013

February & Shimzie

It's February ! The month of that day. The month of Valentines day. Aye..
Pictures of couples ON MY TIMELINE, pictures of couples ON MY UPDATES, pictures of couples ON MY HOMEPAGE, pictures of couples ERRWHERE.


rose prices increasing by eye-watering amounts, chocolates suddenly coming in exclusive red wrappers & Clinton cards suddenly becoming a VERY noticeable shop.
It's like Christmas all over again but more red & black than red, white and green.

Am I complaining? Heck no. I love it ! There's a festive tint to the air and it's a chance for me and my siblings to say 'Go on Mum and Dad, stop worrying about us. Go out and have fun, just the two of you'.

Ah, good ol' V day and I was wondering why the sexy lingerie was selling out quick in Marks & Spencer's...At least now I know.

So, as you've probably established, I'm all for Valentines day but it seems that a lot of people aren't. I can't tell you how many times I've heard 'valentines day is pointless. You should show love everyday' and whilst I agree that love should be shown all the time who says that a couple cant just go all out on February 14th? It's like a shared birthday, a shared celebration. Not a family celebration, not a religious celebration..just a celebration for the two. A celebration of a couples togetherness. I think that's something worth celebrating right?
You may agree or disagree but either way February the 14th is Valentines day and it's all about love so you might as well love it.

Okay. Enough about that.

Shimzie. Does that name ring a bell? If it doesn't then that REALLY isn't justifiable seeing as he's a hot topic at the moment.
So, again I ask. Have you heard of Shimzie?
Still no? Well you need a lawyer quickly because that right there is a crime.

Let me fill you in.

Shimzie A.K.A Mr Lecturah is a young rapper from London whose style is afrobeat/hip-Hop. His videos have been aired on established TV stations such as BEN and he has performed at venues such as the Indigo 02 and Trafalgar Square. He's a hot act to book and has been on the lineup at events such as 'RichMix' and the 'TGYM Launch Night'

and it doesn't stop there folks..

He has performed at the Camden Rock AfroBeat Special hosted by Take The Stage TV, he has a Myspace following of over 100,000 AND he's opened for the likes of Professor Green , Tinie Tempah, Mista Silva and DotStar. Now if that isn't impressive then I don't know what is :|

and it STILL doesn't stop there

Shimzie has performed at EndowedEnts Xmas Splash and has featured on KNW ME TV with his younger brother Lil Opy (who is also a rapper) and you've guessed it- it doesn't stop there but I think you get the picture.

Taking all of that into consideration I'm sure you can understand why I was hyped when Shimzie contacted me to say he had released another track. I vouched my interest and he promptly sent his new music through to my email. I had a listen and I wasn't disappointed.
Named 'Banana Boat' the track talks about the lies some guys tell to make themselves look cool. Shimzie uses the idea of an immigrant who takes a 'banana boat' to a land of prosperity. The character not only lies about how he has come to the land but carries himself as if he is entitled to be there; the underlying idea being that some people forget where they came from and are quick to cover their roots with lies and careless bragging.
I liked this track because Shimzie manages to put a common issue on the table, an issue that when talked about causes most people to yawn and become fidgety. Shimzie essentially polishes the table and places seats around it; the lyrics are clean cut and catchy and the viewpoint is loose and playful enabling the listener to just sit back and enjoy it. Those who have a love for afrobeats won't be able to stop listening to this hot track and those that don't usually enjoy afrobeats might just love the smooth but crisp texture that is Shimzies voice. Go on.. check him out. You know you want to.

Listen to Banana Boat here :

Best served loud in headphones that have good bass! If you have no bass then  ---> -____________-

and since there's that scent of love in the air check out Shimzies newest track 'Gimmie Ur Luv 2nite'. Perfect timing with that release ay Shimz? Hmm. Winter Wifey is another favorite of mine, check that out too.

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 Stay safe and show love,

Cilla Casey x