Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Green Eyed Monster (Jealousy)

So you see this really pretty girl on Twitter/Tumblr  and you get this horrible pang right in the centre of your gut.
You sink deep into self pity as you flick through endless pictures of her ever-so-pretty face. Thoughts start racing through your head: 'I wish I looked like her, I wish I had a smile like hers, She's so pretty'. 
The thoughts start spiralling out of control: 'I'm so ugly, Why cant I look like her? Life's not fair'
You sigh and zoom into her face, trying to find some sort of imperfection inb her features to make you feel better. You scroll down and- NO. C'mon girl?!

Okay that was a bit exagerated but if you get that jealous feeling when you see a really pretty chick then read on.
Imagine this situation:
There's two dance competitions. One on MTV and one on Disney Channel. You're taking part in the MTV show and you win. Another girl wins the Disney Channel show. Instead of celebrating you become upset because you think the winner of the Disney Channel show is better than you. Why does it even matter if you think she's better than you? You won your competition and she won hers. Are you so ungrateful that you dont appreciate your own talents? Watch the face though ----> :/  Why do you even care? She's enjoying herself and you're wishing you were in her shoes.
She is in a DIFFERENT show.
She is a DIFFERENT person.
She can't be a 'better dancer' because you have DIFFERENT styles and you are DIFFERENT people. Were you born at the same time? Are you the exact same height? Exact same weight? No.
Conclusion: You are not comparible. You are DIFFERENT. You are SPECIAL. Forget about her. She is irrelevant. She is the weakest link. Tell her Goodbye.

Okay, so now thats said, sit for two minutes and think of all the people you WOULDN'T want to look like. Make a category of them. You're in this category and you're the best looking by FAR. That really pretty girl you envied before is the best looking in another category and her category is on another planet so erm forget her. She's a piece of paper in your brain, scrunch her up and throw her in your mental bin. Now throw the bin out the window.
YOU focus on staying ontop of YOUR category.
Now that does not mean being vain. It means appreciating YOUR face and realising that there are at least a MILLION people that would KILL to have your face. Think about it.

The pretty girl is a DIFFERENT girl so don't worry about her. She is a different dancer on a different channel and you are not competing with each other, So why do you feel threatened by her?
Anyway, as unbelievable as it might sound now, there are people that think you're prettier than her.

Next time you see someone and you feel that jealousy,  remind yourself: 
1. You're different people. She is her, you are you. Face that.
2. You are not competing. You are in different leagues. WHY is she on your mind? WHY? Damn. She aint the prettiest thing in the world. Cadburys Chocolate is pretty, you gonna hate on that? Get outta here!
3. It's healthy to acknowledge that she's pretty. Clap for yourself! Now exit her picture and do something towards your future! Envying her looks wont get you paid. Loving yourself and getting on with life will !
Have a nice day loving yourself.
Cilla xx

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  1. Some Gd advice, nd realistic in our society, wow where do u get year ideas frm jheeeez, I admire you for even blogin nd tht keep it up nd don't quiet, the previous blog which u did touched a lot of ppl who I showed 2.
    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for sharing it ! It's just me sharing my experiences haha. Thanks again xx