Monday, 2 July 2012

Setting The Boundary

I would class myself as a very hospitable person, when my friends come round I feel rude if I don’t straightaway offer them some snacks or a drink and If I see that they’re hot/cold then I offer to put the fan/heater on.
Alot of my friends say I’m really polite but I just think that if someone’s coming into your house then you need to set a good impression.  You don’t want someone leaving your house thinking ‘Thank GOD I’m out of there’.
What I’ve noticed though is that when people get TOO comfortable – they get rude. It’s all about setting a standard. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s had a friend get a bit too close to comfort. Letting a friend get too comfy is dangerous. You start getting agitated and a good friendship can be lost within seconds. Yep, I said seconds.
I simply suggest the atom rule. If you don’t know what an atom is Google it so you can have a better understanding. In the middle of an atom are protons and neutrons and they combine to form the nucleus. You are the nucleus. Around the nucleus there is a shell with two electrons. The first shell can only hold two electrons max. So you can only have two friends in your inner circle. No more, no less. Preferably one of these should be a family member. The second shell can hold 8 electrons max. So, 8 more friends. These are your good friends. Anyone else is simply an acquaintance (people you can have a good laugh with but not lose yourself with). Having too many people you call friends is where I think the problem starts, you lose track of who you’re close to and end up giving people enough leeway to get lippy, you forget who your real friends are and the deadly gossip creeps in. Keep few friends and take care of them, they will begin to respect you and you’ll find you’ll be so much happier. Alot of people say I’m always smiling; this is because I have a good circle of friends who treat me with respect. I wouldn’t trade any of my friends for anything and if you would trade any of yours then I think you should start deciding who fits in your atom...
Cilla x


  1. Keep up the Good work and keep on updating your blogs I will be keen on seeing the next one. X